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Koh Lanta Island sits in Krabi province in Southern Thailand and it is easy accesable trough Krabi, Trang and Phuket International Airports. All province is surrounded by clear, life rich Andaman Sea with plenty amazing beaches and other spots worth a visit. Koh Lanta is only some 75 km (1,5 hrs drive) from Krabi iInternational Airport. Koh Lanta consists from two islands Lanta Yai - Southern Island and Lanta Noi - Northern Island. Koh Lanta Yai has some of the finest beaches in Thailand and is ideal base for further exploring one of numerous small surrounding islands as Koh Rok, Ko Haa, Southern Islands and many more. Only one hour boat ride from Koh Lanta are one of the best spots in whole Thailand for snorkelling and scuba diving. Other outdoor sport lovers will find plenty other options ( kayaking, paddle boarding, trekking etc etc ).


Old Town Description

Lanta Old Town, also known as Sri Raya (in Thai), is located on the nature-rich, southeast coast of Koh Lanta, only 10 minutes away from the beaches and tourist areas on the west coast — yet far enough to allow the village to retain its traditional culture and charm.

The people in Old Town, originally the island’s main trading centre, are fishermen families who have lived in the town for generations. The area is a study in cultural diversity with three distinct groups of people – the seas gypsy people of the Urak Lawoi clan, Thai Muslims and Thai Chinese – coexisting in harmony for over 200 years.

How its looks today?

Today, the fishing village has taken on a ‘bohemian’ feel in the day when tourists from the other side come over to explore some of the island’s funkiest shops, restaurants, cafes and bars. The town has limited accommodations, but there are several villa rental options and a few bed and breakfasts.

There is also now a small community of foreigners that call Old Town home and many visiting boats moor in the safe harbour. The seaside homes – typically called Pole Houses – are built on stilts directly over the water and overlook an incredible harbour view and an array of small tropical islands in the near distance. The sunrises and sunsets are famous among locals in this sleepy late night town that hosts the annual Lanta Lanta Festival in March.

History of the village

The first dwellers on the island were the indigenous Chao Lay or Sea People who started coming here 500 years ago. Referred to as the Urak Lawoi they live in Ban Sangkha-U with their main village 5 kilometres outside of Lanta Old Town. Chinese tin workers, merchants and fishermen landed in Lanta Old Town during China’s Cultural Revolution about 200 years ago when the masses were fleeing in search of new opportunities in neighbouring countries such as Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. At that time, as well as today, Chinese families make up the largest population group of Lanta Old Town and were instrumental in developing merchant trade for the island with their relatives in other Asian ports.

When the village was officially register 150 years ago as a Thai town, it was a thriving centre for business and government for the island, as well as, a busy sea port where large junk ships registered with Thai Customs when entering into Thailand waters from ports in Malaysia, Singapore and China. Goods traded from these ports, often traveling between Penang, Malaysia and Phuket, included tin, charcoal, and dried fish and eventually western goods that came via the British-occupied trading port in Penang. Lanta Old Town’s status as the major harbour and business capital of the island changed 50 years ago when roads and automobiles linked the island to the mainland on the other side of the island. Also, at the time the advent of gas - fuelled cooking in South East Asia depleted the demand for charcoal and drastically reduced the number of large trading ship coming to the harbour.

How to get there?

Koh Lanta Transport

If you come to visit the beautiful island of Ko Lanta, you will see why we are so passionate about this jewel in the Andaman Sea. Most people access Ko Lanta via the nearby airports of Krabi or Trang and you can choose our private, luxury, fully air-conditioned minivan with capacity of 8 – 10 persons. We can of course offer transfers from different airports specific to your requirements. Just let us know what you need and we will gladly help. You can book the transfer online – it takes just a couple of minutes and problem-free start to your trip is guaranteed. You can pay the transfer either after your arrival to the driver in cash (only in Thai Bath) or you can take advantage of paying via PayPal from the comfort of your home.


Amazing Koh Lanta

Welcome to Lanta Diving. We are based on Ko Lanta, Krabi province, Thailand, providing great scuba diving for the seventh season and like it here more and more. Ko Lanta is in contrast to the well-known destinations such as Pattaya, Ko Samui and Phuket with its relaxed, welcoming and far calmer atmosphere.

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